EssayWriter Review – What It Can Offer You?

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The internet abounds with writing companies and their ads, each supposedly offering better service than the other. Still, the more options there are, the more difficult it is to make a decision.

Moreover, when your time is limited, you might even skip researching about the company and risk a bad result. To prevent that from happening, today we present to you our review of Essay Writer so that you can assess their services and offers.

About the Company

First of all, we wanted to find out basic information about the firm, but we were disappointed to be left in the dark. Their only information available on the website indicates that EssayWriter.org was founded in Cyprus. Additionally, the company states that it hires native English writers who own an MA degree.

Also, they have five years of experience in the market and promise to supply services of excellent quality. Quite a daring statement, we would say, since the customer reviews insinuate exactly the opposite. One of the clients said that the quality of their writing was very low and would not choose EssayWriter.org again.

Services and Customer Reviews

Essay Writer provides dissertation, term papers, personal statement, book reports, and essays. In fact, their list of services is quite short.

However, irrespective of that, their quality is not the best either. For example, a client mentioned that the requested paper came with lots of mistakes and the writing was mediocre, at the very best.

He also considered the result disappointing and decided to turn to another writing company. This company’s website does not provide any samples of writings so it is quite difficult for clients to anticipate the final result of their order.

Moreover, numerous customers complained about receiving their papers long after the deadlines had passed. Among the testimonials we read, one got our attention. It belonged to a customer who said that not long before the deadline, the company contacted him and said they couldn’t find a writer to complete it.

Prices and Discounts

Regarding EssayWriter.org prices, they are relatively cheap if you compare them to the rest of the industry. For example, the price for a 10-page essay of the undergraduate level with a ten days deadline reaches $125.50, without any discounts applied.

However, you can find out information about Essay Writer pricing system only if you request that by email. When we looked for coupon codes or any extra promo code, none were available, so this was quite disappointing. The payment can be made through credit card, and it is quite safe. That being said, EssayWriter.org is not fraud or scam.


To sum up, our rating for Essay Writer is quite low. They don’t offer high-quality services. Hence, former clients were not pleased with the result. It is difficult to get in touch with their customer support and trying to communicate with the company is a challenge. We do not recommend their services, at least not until they will make some serious improvement.

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