Have some questions? Read our F.A.Q first!

There are always more questions when it comes to internet services, which is why these questions were made in order to further enhance your experience.

1. Why are reviews important when it comes to narrowing down your essay writing service list?

There are many essay writing services on the internet – some of them better than the others. However, if you were to judge only by the content that they post, they would all look the same. Plus, some websites are only there to scam people – even though, on the surface, they look exactly like your average essay writing service. A review will offer you some insight into past experiences, and you will know for sure whether or not they are serious about their job.

2. What is the general process for essay writing review?

The general process when it comes to essay writing companies review is usually something like this: we place an order for a paper – the process being entirely random. We can order a regular essay or a research paper; it doesn’t really matter. After that, we act like regular customers and view the entire process. We analyze the prices, the contents we receive, but also the professionalism of the staff. Once everything has been checked out, we proceed with writing the review?

3. What happens if I don’t like the paper that I got?

If the paper you receive is not up to your satisfaction, then you are entitled to ask for a free revision. You will have to make your instructions as clear as possible so that there will not be any excuses coming from the essay writing service about meeting your requirements. Depending on the website that you choose, you may receive up to three revisions for free (or even more), or you may be required to pay a fee for extra revisions. If the revised paper is not up to your taste either, you may ask for a refund.

4. How can I make sure the paper I get is unique?

To check the uniqueness of your paper, you may want to try some online plagiarism software that will tell you if parts of your paper were copied off the internet. Keep in mind that paraphrasing is also a manner of plagiarism, and while the content may not be caught by the software, it still can’t be considered original. The only way to make sure your paper is original is by choosing a service with a good reputation.

5. How do you pick the websites for essay review?

We have lists of essays to review, most of them taken from your suggestions. We started with the most popular websites, but we also went for the newer, “shady” ones that no one actually had an opinion of. Usually, when we see that a website doesn’t have enough reviews, we put it on our list so that we can offer our honest opinion as quickly as possible. This way, we will know that the next person who plans on using their services will be well-informed.