Time Critics General Blog Wed, 28 Jun 2017 10:00:55 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8 Outdated Advertising Techniques with ValueMags /outdated-advertising-techniques-with-valuemags/ /outdated-advertising-techniques-with-valuemags/#respond Sat, 04 Feb 2017 08:43:29 +0000 /?p=288 ValueMags has been labeled as an advertising agency but they are a marketing agency for magazine publishers and their magazines and issues. ValueMags President, Andrew Degenholtz, used to be in advertising before he founded ValueMags however. “The rules of the game have changed”, said Degenholtz.

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Advertising used to be the key to all campaigns. Now, there are many more aspects to consider including public relations (PR) and marketing. Most agencies that want to appeal to a bigger market and who are seeking more clientele are full-service companies that offer a bundle of services including PR, advertising, and marketing strategies. Everything is in one now. Additionally, advertisements used to appeal to the general public. They used to be directed to everyone. Unfortunately for advertisers, who are known to be lazy, recent generations have gotten pickier about that content and messages they accept. This has forced advertising agencies to get craftier with their strategies and develop specific markets based on demographics including niche markets. To add, campaigns used to run for a specific time period. Currently, campaign do not have a start date nor an end date. In the era of digital memory and “the Cloud”, it is important for advertisers to understand that an advertisement or marketing strategy will never be forgotten. Ads are no longer linear and can be showed at very specific times based on how advertising mediums and the sales of those mediums have developed.

Audiences currently feel disturbed by advertising messages that are not relevant to them too. Commercials on TV are now synchronized and the volume on them is louder than the television show norm. For that reason, individuals are switched to on-demand or live television to avoid the disturbance. As a result, advertisers and marketers such as ValueMags are faced with finding more creative ways to reach a more specific audience that is picky, lacks patience, and stays ahead of the advertising game.

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Marketing Management: 10 Strategic Moves for Improving Your Team’s Efficiency /marketing-management-10-strategic-moves-for-improving-your-teams-efficiency/ /marketing-management-10-strategic-moves-for-improving-your-teams-efficiency/#respond Fri, 14 Oct 2016 08:03:20 +0000 /?p=239 3

If not working for Apple, Coca-Cola or Nike, your marketing team is probably smaller, commonly exercised hierarchies are bypassed and the ever necessary division of labour has turned upside down. In niches such is this one, sudden strokes of ingenuity are precious, and those are indeed impossible without a little bit of a creative mess.

Stay Ingenious, Become Manageable

Even if you do thrive in freedom of spontaneous choices, the rules of the marketplace are the same for all; no matter the size of your business, your selling rates can be just as high as the promotion allows them to be. The sole purpose of marketing is to reach as far as possible in order to catch and convert leads; especially in the online world, where being present, alluring and convincing across all channels is a recipe for success, marketing implies being everywhere at the same time.

For no other reason but favourable completion, marketing experts can no longer stay immune to automation. Intuitive tools are in the very core of effective project managing, and due to their complexity of execution, marketing campaigns are exactly that – projects that need to be broken down into less challenging and more manageable units. Here’s how.

  1. Always Plan Ahead3

In order to turn your clutter into projects and your marketing squad into a well-oiled machine, you’ll need to start learning the basics. Project management is not the least demanding discipline in the field, but rest assured that it is among the most advantageous ones.

From initiation to completion. Once you start thinking of your marketing campaigns in terms of business projects, you’ll be able to fragmentize them into consecutive phases – most commonly, project management insists on initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and completion, but the course of your operation will depend on the size, complexity and nature of your particular campaign.

Prearrange! However you choose to run it, it’s highly unlikely that a project will be completed smoothly, without some necessary pre-arrangements. As always, thinking, analysing and sketching ahead is a precursor for unhampered execution, so be sure to take some time to consider the “what” of the campaign (what it needs to contribute to your company in order to meet its goals and what kind of means it will require in the process) before you start working on the “how” (how to actualize it and thus reach the favourable outcome).

  1. Understand & State Your Objectives

To make the whole process less convoluted, think of it as an infrastructure waiting to be built. Just as the building requires an architectural support, a project cannot be developed without a firm set of fundamentals.

The initiation phase thus implies a clear Objective Statement in which project goals are defined and analysed. Essentially, it should explore the “what” of your campaign, and serve as a both base for further development and a powerful incentive for a team. By providing a transparent aim for the entire team to strive towards, goal setting is of massive importance for planning ahead, just as well as for optimizing the workflow once the execution phase begins.

  1. Record, Save & Share3

Project management thus commences with a draft stating the fundamentals of the process; what comes next is a series of comprehensive documents that should break the project down into individual milestones and consider all significant details. Each given phase of the proceeding should be recorded, if not to become official, than to allow your team an insight into individual steps and the overall course of action.

Now, having all of these files cluttering your workplace will certainly slow the project down. The digital revolution to which marketing has already became accustomed to actually calls for paperless documentation, which is simultaneously the third step toward increasing your team’s efficiency. Having them all on cloud, where they can be created, stored and edited on the spot, just as well as shared with clients and stakeholders will save your team plenty of time, not to mention keep them easily accessible, archived and secure.

  1. Fragmentize To Organize

The project planning phase, determined by a work breakdown structure, is where all the project managing magic happens – being the phase responsible for atomizing the project into phases, phases into milestones and milestones into tasks and subtasks, it is a crucial part of preparing the project for its timely realization.

As such, this phase is one of the main responsibilities of a project manager, whose role is to establish a timeframe, estimate budget and start allocating tasks to individual team members. At this point, the project, now transformed into a chain of dependencies, needs to be submitted to a best scheduling software available in order to keep each of the milestones neatly organized and clearly visible to everyone involved. Complex as it is, the work breakdown structure requires scheduling to be automated, and would take up a lot of time and effort without a little help from project management tools.

  1. Allocate Roles, Establish To-Do Lists3

The same applies to task assignment, which also takes place during the work breakdown structure phase. Once all milestones are defined, the manager can start working on allocating specific roles to team members in accordance to his or her own experience and their unique sets of expertise.

In the olden days, the to-do lists of individual employees would be presented on a whiteboard, but in the era of digitalization, they are much easier to create directly on a team management platform, from where they can seamlessly be managed afterwards. Once again, project management tools provide a much-needed transparency of allocated roles and assigned tasks, thus allowing impeccable workflow and setting the ground for effective coordination.

  1. Synchronize the Workflow

Whenever there’s a large workforce employed on a singular project, there’s always a risk of potentially hazardous miscommunication. Allocation of tasks is not where a project manager’s job ends – once the individual to-do lists are created, team members have to lend on the same page in order to efficiently communicate, coordinate their assignments and collaborate when needed.

As much as these lists are accessible to everyone involved, a shared timetable is still a way more convenient tool for perfect synchronization. For marketers in particular, having a clear overview of social media and blogging calendars, is the only way of pinpointing the perfect time for both content generation and its publishing. Additionally, team calendars simultaneously display project outline and the daily “what’s coming up or due soon” reports, thus helping managers stay on top of the project as a whole while, allowing team members a valuable visualisation at the same time.

  1. Keep Track Of Time3

If you observe your project as a composite process in which success of respective milestones is defined by their causality, it makes perfect sense that, like elsewhere, time is of the essence in project management as well. Not only that it determines the final impact of your marketing campaign, but efficient timing is one of the most significant strategic moves for increasing the productivity of an entire team as well.

With online time tracking tools, most of which allow integration with plenty of basic project management systems you’ll be compelled to use, the duration of each task can be estimated beforehand, thus assuring the possibility to precisely calculate the time needed for individual milestones and the entire project to be finished. Time tracking is a nice way of monitoring your team’s efficiency, and conversely, a brilliant tactic for meeting the deadlines in time so that individual team members can leverage themselves.

  1. Monitor Your Progress

Although a necessary mean for updating clients and stakeholders of project’s progress, timely reports are significant for a number of reasons more. Just like transparency with individual tasks is needed for team members to coordinate their work more efficiently, status reports are the most accurate and specific indicator of the job that’s been done so far. By using charts and graphs, they display a visualisation of current accomplishments, thus making it perfectly clear whether the project was a successful endeavour so far, and pinpointing potential halts for a manager to avoid in the future.

  1. Stay On the Budget3

Even if there’s a possibility for a project’s completion deadline to get a bit delayed, when it comes to respecting the budget initially established for execution, similar kinds of surpassing are never allowed. Project budgeting is quite a feat, especially in less certain economic climates when additional expenditures are expected from the very start.

However challenging the task, the original financial estimation can prove as sufficient over the course of project development, but only if primary analysis is done with the utmost certainty and followed through at each step in the project lifecycle.

Just like time, budget tracking is covered by project management tools with precision – in addition to notifying both managers and team members of the amount spent on each milestone, these potent features compare the original budget plan with actual spendings over the course of the project’s execution, therefore providing complete transparency in terms of finances, and serving as a notification system for team managers to act accordingly.

  1. Automate!

Mentioned in multiple occasions before, the employment of project management tools may just be the most essential step towards improved efficiency. Their intuitive features and user-friendly navigation streamline every part of the process, starting with initial documentation and completing with budget tracking. And, since marketing projects in almost all cases depend on viral omnipresence, these assistance tools are proven as particularly beneficial for your unique niche.

Ultimately, all of our promotional methods are nowadays bagged together in a far-reaching digital marketing package, and rare are the teams that practice one of these strategies without even tackling the others. SEO campaigns go hand in hand with content generation, blogging is usually insufficient in the absence of compelling social media incentives, while email marketing can hardly even function without them. To be successful in this niche, one simply has to be able to honour the principles of a virtual omnichannel.

Project management tools are therefore not designed only as handy teamwork platforms – more importantly, they serve as a unifying base from which all of the marketing channels can be accessed, managed and monitored at a glance. And, since they are cloud-based, project management tools keep all vital data available at all times, thus making your team’s workflow actionable and productive, and consequently, skyrocketing its effectiveness.

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Antilog Vacations Sri Lanka Review /antilog-vacations-sri-lanka-review/ /antilog-vacations-sri-lanka-review/#respond Fri, 07 Oct 2016 08:13:15 +0000 /?p=232 Mahaweli Reach hotel is a luxurious hotel in kandy. I and my wife decided to go for a trip to Sri Lanka for our honeymoon. In the overall confusion, Antilog Vacations help me to select this wonderful location. We pre- booked our package through Antilog Vacations and setting a bond of great trust on their services after reviewing Antilog Vacations Review.

We landed at 9 am in the morning and our check-in process was quite speedy. Our riverside location room is well decorated. Our bed was arranged by the beautiful red rose flowers. While we enter into our room we feel like entering into paradise. The sofas, other furniture goods and the bathtub are simply great and admirable.3

Our beautiful room is very nice and we loved it very much. The dining area is simply perfect and neat. The foods are delicious and fresh made. The candle lit dinner was simply arranged well in our dining area. We enjoyed having our candle light dinner. It’s a fine dining place with my cute wife. The chefs served us very well and they treat us like guests. I ordered chocolate macaroon gateaux cake for my wife to give a surprise. She enthusiastically jumped in happiness and smiled and said love you that were a great memorable event in my life.

The boat ride experience was delightful. Boat trip made our trip completely perfect and the view of the Mahaweli River was eye catching view. My wife did spa treatments for full body massage. The therapists are well trained and handling very smoothly and they doing their job perfectly. The cycling ride is another interesting entertains in this hotel. We enjoyed riding in bike, cycle for an hour. Cycling is the good exercise for everyone so we enjoyed playing like kids. We go for walking in the garden during evening times. Shopping complex is nearby the hotel and the price was worthy.

This is the only place fulfilled our dream. Marriage is the best part of everyone’s life and honeymoon is the memorable part of our life so we have to utilize our stay in right place. Mahaweli Reach hotel gives everlasting memories in my life. I would recommend this property and Antilog Vacations services to the peoples who are planning for your honeymoon trip. Good Luck and also preview Antilog Vacations Reviews in order to get real user experience.


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Tips for Improving the Efficiency of Your AC Unit /tips-for-improving-the-efficiency-of-your-ac-unit/ /tips-for-improving-the-efficiency-of-your-ac-unit/#respond Tue, 04 Oct 2016 07:25:09 +0000 /?p=226 There are a number of occasions when homeowners need air conditioning services and they do not know it. The problem is not that the system has stopped working, but rather that the system is not working the way that it should be working. In many conditions, failures of the system to function often occur after a period of time when the system has not been working at is best. This gradual process can lead to expensive AC repair Las Vegas in the long-term. Troubleshooting and simply knowing what signs to look for can reduce how much you end up paying for repairs.

Whether or not it’s efficiency: One of the easiest ways to tell that you need AC repair Las Vegas in a still-working system is when you see a spike in your monthly energy bills; if for instance you realize that the temperature has not increased much during that period of time, an ever increasing energy bill is a good indication of a bigger problem. It is important to consider the advantages of improving efficiency right away because often, doing so can also reduce the wear and tear on the system itself.


Some of the kind of regular air conditioning services you may have to do will include replacing all filters monthly or as directed by your manufacturer; ensuring that all ductwork is in good condition and free from any type of blockage in addition to removing any debris from around the exterior of the venting system to ensure fans can work properly. Doing these seemingly things can improve efficiency overall and reduce the costs of repairs in the long-term. However, there is more that you should do to ensure your system is working at its best.

Call a professional: Having an HVAC contractor in Las Vegas conduct a home energy audit is a good way to pinpoint problems that may not be obvious. For example, you may be losing cooled air through gaps in the insulation of your home. This could be a good time to make repairs to those areas.

The other way that local HVAC companies can help is by helping you to install a programmable thermostat into your home. These devices work to control the air temperature evenly. It can reduce the costs of energy during the day by reducing the costs associated with heating or cooling a home that’s empty. In many ways, this one investment can make a sizable difference in both the function and the efficiency of your home. If you do have breakdowns or a non-working system, get AC repair Las Vegas right away. Doing so can be a simple and effective way to ensure your system continues to work at its best for the long-term.

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Top 10 Lists Of Best Keylogger Monitoring Software Features /top-10-lists-of-best-keylogger-monitoring-software-features/ /top-10-lists-of-best-keylogger-monitoring-software-features/#respond Mon, 03 Oct 2016 13:26:43 +0000 /?p=223 In the challenging world, everyone put their full effort in working task and they desire to achieve more. If you, the business enterprise have some defects daily and you face critical situations by careless employees in your firm. Not, all the workers put their whole effort in the work and they do another task in the working duration. The business enterprises who are looking for the right way to gain your business profits as well as desire to change business environment by the workers concentration in the work. Keylogger is now popular and effective monitoring software offers various features to achieve spy task. Besides, this keylogger doesn’t make you worry to access because of the simple and advanced features carry you to the next level.Image result for Top 10 Lists Of Best Keylogger Monitoring Software Features

Offering keylogger features for you to know:-

Mainly, you can easily monitor and track the employee’s actions like passwords, applications, websites, keystrokes, chat on messenger, ICQ, AIM, MSN messenger, keylogging filter, clipboard monitoring, etc. The beneficial interface options are skinnable interface, multiple language supported interface, easy to save settings, records saved as HTML and RTF files, in-built log viewer, local record file recovering, editable log size, log name and server name. The keylogger options are melting option, hotkey uninstall, in-built icons, remote keylogger, email log and FTP log delivery, compatible on 32 and 64 bit systems, delayed execution, remote uninstall, etc. The security features achieved in the keylogger monitoring software such as encrypted settings, undetectable spy software, websites restriction, application restriction, security code protected configuration, advanced firewall bypass functions and so on. All these features are specially designed by the expert to get rid of worry in the comfort manner. The software facilitates you to achieve spy task to the potential fraudulent in the organization or institution.

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Working of the Emulator for Android to Use KIK Online /working-of-the-emulator-for-android-to-use-kik-online/ /working-of-the-emulator-for-android-to-use-kik-online/#respond Sat, 01 Oct 2016 12:40:00 +0000 /?p=215 There might not be any option available for signing up for KIK online on PC or laptop. The major reason has been non-availability of such versions. However, once you look into the website, you might not find any such option. There might not be any sign up ready for you online, unless you download a suitable android emulator.

What an android emulator does for you?

An emulator for android would allow you to make use of a desired application, which has been meant for use on android phones. You would be able to make use of the instant messenger apps on your computer screens as well. However, you would need to create a virtual device for it. There are a number of emulators for android made available in the market. The best part, these have been made available free of charge. Some of the popular emulators have been the Genymotion, BlueStacks and more. Prior to starting, you would require an account with KIK on your Smartphone. After you have made an account with the KIK Instant Messenger on your Smartphone, you would be required to follow the below mentioned steps.Image result for Using KIK Messenger on your iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Foremost, you would be required to install KIK messenger on to your phone and proceed with an android emulator. Several emulators for android has been made available free of charge.

Secondly, you would be required to make use of the emulator on your PC to search for KIK messenger.

Thirdly, you need to select it and log in.

Fourthly, as your KIK account has been set up, you could proceed easily with the steps. In case, it has not been done, you would be required to ensure that it is done.

You would require emulator to log in on your KIK account. This has been the only method to make use of the KIK instant messenger online.


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Process for Downloading E-Aadhar Card from UIDAI Official Website /process-for-downloading-e-aadhar-card-from-uidai-official-website/ /process-for-downloading-e-aadhar-card-from-uidai-official-website/#respond Sat, 01 Oct 2016 12:19:19 +0000 /?p=208 In case, you have lost your aadhar card or misplaced it, you could download the e-aadhar card from the official website. The UIDAI has made it relatively simple and conveniently for the people of India to download e-aadhar card in event of the original being lost or misplaced. The duplicate card would be downloaded free from the official website. However, it does not imply that you should get complacent with your original aadhar card. You should take care of your car at all times. It is your unique social identity provided by the government of India.


Downloading the e-aadhar card from official UIDAI website

The e-aadhar card would be downloaded from the official UIDAI website with ease. The UIDAI department has been able to provide the people of India with an opportunity to download the duplicate aadhar card without any hassle. The process has been simple and similar to the application process. As a result, you would be required to follow certain steps for downloading the e-aadhar card. The foremost would be considering what do you have in event of loss of aadhar card. You should have either aadhar number or enrolment number for downloading the duplicate aadhar card.

Process to download e-aadhar card

Downloading e-aadhar card has been made simple and easy. If you have aadhar number or enrolment number, you would be required to fill in either of the two in the provided space. Henceforth, you would be required to fill in the details, such as full name, address and pin code. You would also be required to fill in the captcha and receive one time pin or OTP, which would be sent to your registered mobile number. After filling in the number, you need to validate and click on the download option.

In event of you not having the aadhar number, you could receive the same from the official website as well.

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Take advice or guidance of criminal defense attorneys /take-advice-or-guidance-of-criminal-defense-attorneys/ /take-advice-or-guidance-of-criminal-defense-attorneys/#respond Fri, 30 Sep 2016 08:25:46 +0000 /?p=201 The leading criminal defense lawyer Scott Dattanare experienced to handle number of criminal methods. The experienced members of the team can even solve the most complex cases. The work is closely carried with the optimal strategies according to the facts and situation of the case. The qualified attorneys make you sure with rights to protect you in each stage of the proceedings. Individuals arrested for the criminal act such as domestic violence, kidnapping, rape, theft and murder including many other criminal cases. The effective, aggressive and quick results make the perfect results so that one can move on in life.  Image result for Take advice or guidance of criminal defense attorneys

The services greatly understand the importance of the successful relationship between the attorney and the client. The lawyer can examine, analyze and inspect the criminal cases undertaken by them. You all may know that lawyers can argue for the plaintiff or the defendant. The proper assistance provided to you can be in form of individuals or in groups.  The professionals provide prompt and clear communication for every client while the services include different practice areas that may depend on the type of case.

Laws may depend on the type of case

The cases filedion the court are totally unique while you may make choice of the lawyer for the different settings or causes. You should remember to make choice for the best attorneys. People can confidently hire the best services when suffering through the cases involved such as divorce, family law, personal injury or criminal defense. Hiring an attorney with the payment of the legal fee, in this case one should be sure about the attorney career and backgrounds. Make sure that services serve you best including the strengths or pressure while comes out to handle the pressure. The most effective guidance in the whole procedure can bring tremendous difference for the outcome.

]]> /take-advice-or-guidance-of-criminal-defense-attorneys/feed/ 0 What to Expect Of a Good Defense Attorney /what-to-expect-of-a-good-defense-attorney/ /what-to-expect-of-a-good-defense-attorney/#respond Thu, 29 Sep 2016 12:02:42 +0000 /?p=196 If you are facing any serious criminal charges, it is advisable to hire good criminal defense lawyers Las Vegas to represent you. Defendants should always seek the services of Miley law Nevada as soon as possible to begin work on defending their case. Hiring someone who is experienced with your type of case will give you the best chance of achieving the outcome you want. If hiring a private Las Vegas defense lawyer is out of the question, you do have the option of requesting a court appointed lawyer at your pre-trial hearing or arraignment. Las Vegas criminal law is complex and representing yourself is not the best option particularly if you face going to jail for a lengthy term. It is worth noting that court appointed counsel have only marginally lower success rates in criminal cases than private attorneys.

It may not seem immediately obvious what Miley law Las Vegas, NV can do for you, beyond providing legal advice. It may surprise you to realize the extent of the services and work that they do on a case, including the following:

Las Vegas defense attorneys usually work with the prosecution to negotiate deals such as lesser penalties or reduced charges in addition to producing a sentencing program to help the defendant avoid further charges in the future. Las Vegas NV lawyer will also support defendants who may be fearful of the outcome of the case and provide realistic advice to defendants about the potential outcome of their case should they be found guilty.


Apart from that, Miley law Nevada will also advise you on whether or not to accept entering into a plea bargain in return for a reduced sentence as well as helping you to be familiar and knowledgeable on state law and legislation, as well as legal proceedings and paperwork and make you familiar with court personnel and procedure; they also spend the necessary amount of time needed to build a successful defense and present evidence for the defense including witnesses and evidence gathered from private investigators.

Hiring Miley law NV means your case will be managed at every stage. You will receive expert advice and knowledge about the nature of your case, the potential fallout and the impact for your future. A lawyer will not only deal with all necessary paperwork but they will represent you at all pre-trial hearings, communicate will all necessary parties and present a good argument for your defense at your trial. You need to be able to work with them and have confidence in their ability to achieve the outcome you want. Hiring defence attorney can be an expensive undertaking but one which will see you benefit from the knowledge and experience only a criminal attorney can provide.

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Where to Find the Best Italian Restaurant in Singapore /where-to-find-the-best-italian-restaurant-in-singapore/ /where-to-find-the-best-italian-restaurant-in-singapore/#respond Thu, 29 Sep 2016 10:01:57 +0000 /?p=190 There’s something about Italian dishes that are always so comforting. The cuisine’s varied menu makes Singaporeans love visiting different Italian restaurants in the country. In case you’re having a hard time choosing from one of these restaurants, keep reading and we will give you the top list of must-see places when craving for Italian food. No need to spend so euros or take a 13-hour flight. This list will give you an Italian food tour to different place so you can find the best Italian restaurant in Singapore.


Madrinaa Italiano

Blk 44 Jalan Merah Saga, 278116

Located in at the Chip Bee Gardens, this restaurant is known for serving up authentic Italian favourites. The interior’s vibe is kept neat and elegant, making you feel as if you really are in Italia. Since 2007, this restaurant has been a favorite for having an extensive list of handmade thin crust pizzas. In addition to serving traditional dishes, you will also appreciate their penne vodka, Chilean seabass, and pork ribs.

What’s on the menu?

  • Special Antipasto
  • Risotto Al Nero
  • Truffle Pasta
  • Misto DI Mare Cacciatore
  • Grilled Lamb Rack
  • Italian Classic pizza
  • Thin Crust Pizza


23 Circular Road, 049379

If you want more than just the typical Italian dishes, Marco Marco is the restaurant to visit! Marco Marco is a favorite Italian restaurant in Singapore for serving Italian dishes with a localized flavor. Here, you can enjoy customized dishes like The Singapore – a laksa flavored linguini, or The Kyoto – which is a Soba with Tuna Tartare. They also have a bar that is well stocked with cocktails and wines. You’ll find this restaurant conveniently located at the Boat Quay dining enclave.

Image result for Italian Restaurant in Singapore

What’s on the menu?

  • PASTA The Roma – Classic Creamless Carbonara
  • PASTA The Singapore – Prawns in creamy Laksa
  • PANINI The Chiang Mai – Pulled Pork with spicy Thai Mayonnaise
  • PANINI The Milan – Pruscuitto, Brie, Truffle
  • PIZZA The Palermo – Ham, Mushrooms, Truffle
  • ANTIPASTI Mozzarella Meatballs

Giardino Italian Pizzeria & Bar

86 Robertson Quay, 238245

For a great combination of delicious Italian food and good ambiance, look no further than Giardino Italian Pizzeria & Bar. This restaurant is sough-after for customers can enjoy their perfectly wood-fired pizzas at the alfresco riverside dining area. After relishing a good meal, you can also unwind with drinks as you have a great conversation with your friends. From their starters to desserts, Giardino Italian Pizzeria & Bar will definitely make your dining experience cozy and hassle free.

What’s on the menu?

  • Antipasti Misto
  • Misto Carne
  • Cartoccio Alla Marinara
  • Scaloppine Della Mamma
  • Tiramisu


1 Fullerton Road #02-06, One Fullerton, 049213

Enjoy delicious Italian cuisine while relishing the view of the Marina Bay here at Forlino. This fine dining restaurant is located at the Fullerton Road, giving you a panoramic view of one of the best tourist spots in Singapore – Marina Bay. In addition, they have also won multiple awards for serving authentic Italian dishes. Their team of staff is headed by Yohhei Sasaki – classically trained chef, known for mastering the art of Italian fine-dining.

What’s on the menu:

  • Linguine Pasta ‘Aglio e Olio’ ai Ricci di Mare
  • Chef Sasaki’s Signature Tiramisu
  • Homemade Tagliatelle alla Wagyu Bolognese
  • Merluzzo Slow Cooked Black Cod Fillet
  • Hokkaido Scallop Tartar

With a simple search online, you will find more Italian restaurants around Singapore that are worth visiting. Ask your loved ones and friends to dine in at any of them for a great lunch or dinner.

If you are looking for ways to make your dining experience hassle free and fun, you may visit Weeloy. They offer exciting ways to book your next Italian restaurant in Singapore.

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