Five reasons to become an addiction counselor

It’s no secret that it can be challenging to work with individuals who are struggling with severe and crippling addictions. Not only can these people have skewed perceptions but they may resist listening to authority as well. However, if you enjoy helping people through some of the toughest times in their lives, then an addiction counselor can be a very fulfilling career choice. These professionals change lives, and if that’s something you aspire to do, then it is well worth considering. Below you’ll find even more reasons why becoming an addiction counselor might be the right choice for you.

  1. You will have job security

Although there are many advantages in being a counselor, it’s not a career that attracts a large number of individuals. Fortunately this means there isn’t a lot of competition within the field. As a result you’ll have excellent job security and many opportunities to grow within your career in the future. The fact that there will always be individuals who suffer from addiction adds to the security you’ll have in this field, especially if you work for companies that offer drug rehab programs.

  1. You’ll have an enriched life and sense of purpose

There will be tough times on the job, but those will be far outweighed by the good times. In addition to seeing people flourish after hitting rock bottom, you will see families grow and use your help to become stronger. Just imagine your counseling helping someone finally find the strength to go to a long-term drug rehab program and finally finding themselves again. This can enrich your life more than you even realize, especially with individuals who genuinely want to make a change. The sense of purpose that comes from a career like this is not something many are lucky enough to experience.

  1. You will be making a difference in the world

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and even entertainers have all struggled with addictions in their past. One thing they can recognize even after all their success is the fact that they had addiction counselors in drug rehab programs to help them. With professionals like you out there to help people, you’ll never know what impact you’re making on the world as a whole. You could be helping the next great entertainer or someone who will eventually save lives as a counselor themselves.

  1. You’ll gain a new perspective on addiction patients

A lot of people look at addiction patients and think that their lives are all about drugs. While this may be true in some sense, there are often many underlying issues that caused them to turn to drugs in the first place. As a counselor working in a long term drug rehab program, you’ll learn more about how trauma or other issues can trigger addiction. This can give you a new perspective on these sufferers and give you more incentive to help them.

  1. Many opportunities for education

You do have to earn an accredited counseling degree in order to become an addiction counselor. Fortunately there are many opportunities for doing so, including classes online and in-person. This offers quite a bit of flexibility, which can mean education while still living your normal life. Once this degree is obtained, you can begin supervised visits to work towards state licensing.

A promising career with a lot of potential

Becoming an addiction counselor may be the right choice if you love working with and helping people. While there will be struggles, it’s a promising career choice that can offer incredible potential for many years to come.


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