How to connect your Xiaomi phone using FTP (when USB doesn’t work)

USB connection is a great option on Android OS. You simply take out the USB cable from phone box and insert it into USB port on your PC. You connect the other side to your mobile and the connection is established. There is nothing much to do. The only thing you need is Xiaomi phone USB drivers. You will install these drivers when establishing USB connection for the first time. Next time, you simply establish the physical connection.

However, you may have problems connecting your phone to PC using USB for number of different reasons. Your USB cable could be faulty. The only available port on your PC could have some circuitry issues or you simply can’t install Xiaomi phone USB drivers for some reason. In all these situations, you don’t have to panic. You can still connect your phone to your PC and transfer files from one device to another. You need to establish an FTP connection by creating a server.

It might sound technical and you might be thinking of quitting it here but you don’t have to quit. Creating a server on your Xiaomi phone is as easy as changing the wallpaper. Once you’ve created a server, communicating with it using your PC will only require adding FTP address in Windows Explorer.

If you still feel unsure, read through these steps below and decide for yourself whether or not to follow these easy instructions.

How to connect phone to PC without installing Xiaomi phone USB drivers

Follow the instructions below to connect your PC and phone without installing Xiaomi phone USB drivers.

  • Run Explorer
    Go to your Xiaomi phone and run Explorer. If you can’t find Windows Explorer, simply search it in apps. It comes installed by default on your phone. You will use this app to create a server on your mobile.  
  • Start server
    Now you need to start a server. You will use your mobile phone as a server for this tutorial. You don’t need to install Xiaomi phone USB drivers for this. Simply click on FTP found at the bottom of Explorer window and hit Start Server to get started.
  • Copy FTP address
    You will see the FTP address once the server start running. Copy this address. You will provide it in FTP client to connect to this phone.
  • Set authentication
    It’s time to make your server secure so that someone else on the same network as your PC doesn’t interfere. To make it secure, you need to set username and password. Simply click on Settings on the Server screen. A window will pop up asking you to set connection username and password. Set both values and copy them to a safe place for use later.
  • Connect to your server and transfer files
    Now that you have created a server, you should be able to access your phone from a windows PC on the same network without having to install Xiaomi phone USB drivers. Go to Windows Explorer and put FTP address that you copied from your phone after creating a server in the address bar. Hit enter and enter credential details.

You should now be able to access your phone data on your PC. Copy files or add new. Remember, you didn’t download or install Xiaomi phone USB drivers at any stage during this tutorial.


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