Working of the Emulator for Android to Use KIK Online

There might not be any option available for signing up for KIK online on PC or laptop. The major reason has been non-availability of such versions. However, once you look into the website, you might not find any such option. There might not be any sign up ready for you online, unless you download a suitable android emulator.

What an android emulator does for you?

An emulator for android would allow you to make use of a desired application, which has been meant for use on android phones. You would be able to make use of the instant messenger apps on your computer screens as well. However, you would need to create a virtual device for it. There are a number of emulators for android made available in the market. The best part, these have been made available free of charge. Some of the popular emulators have been the Genymotion, BlueStacks and more. Prior to starting, you would require an account with KIK on your Smartphone. After you have made an account with the KIK Instant Messenger on your Smartphone, you would be required to follow the below mentioned steps.

Foremost, you would be required to install KIK messenger on to your phone and proceed with an android emulator. Several emulators for android has been made available free of charge.

Secondly, you would be required to make use of the emulator on your PC to search for KIK messenger.

Thirdly, you need to select it and log in.

Fourthly, as your KIK account has been set up, you could proceed easily with the steps. In case, it has not been done, you would be required to ensure that it is done.

You would require emulator to log in on your KIK account. This has been the only method to make use of the KIK instant messenger online.



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